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Worshipping Online

Mesa View streams its 11 AM worship service. If you live in another city, are being COVID-cautious, or just can't make it to church, be sure to catch the service on Facebook or Youtube. Or, if you are looking for a church and want to check Mesa View out before visiting in-person, watching the livesteam is a great way to get a feel for our community. 


The service is live-streamed on Facebook. A recording of the service is posted to Youtube, usually a day or two afterward. You can also view past sermons. 

If you view the service online, we suggest you take a few steps to make it a worshipful time. Turn off the TV or other electronic devices, light a candle, and have your Bible ready. There are lots of ways to make a worshipful environment in your own home.  


This is a newer area of ministry for us and we are exploring ways to expand our reach online including extending membership to online viewers, small group communities on zoom, and eventually even virtual gatherings. For now, the online service is a means for anyone on the web to experience worship. We welcome any feedback to help us in this area of ministry. 

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