To know and love God and our neighbor through relationship, service and witness
To know and love God and our neighbor through relationship, service and witness

Intentional Faith Development Through Education and Connection

Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself”

– Luke 10:27 (NRSV)

There are some churches that want you to check your brain at the door, but the passage above from Luke is one of our guiding principles.  God wants us to be encountering our faith not just with our hearts, but also with our minds.  This has been a part of the Methodist tradition since the time of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. 


Some of the ways we do that,Wesley said, were through attending worship, engaging with fellow Christians and talking about our faith lives, reading, searching and studying scripture, and deepening our understanding of our faith, of God and of who God has called us to be.


Mesa View hopes everyone will participate in at least one faith development opportunity every year to deepen their faith and their connection with God and with each other.


We hope you will find an opportunity of interest to you.  Options are changing on a regular basis, and if there is something you would like to see offered, or that you would be willing to take on, please speak with Pastor John or our faith development team.

Sunday Opportunities

Classes meet from 10-10:45



Adult Classes

Mixed Blessing – Room K

Contact: Irene Bishop

Open to everyone.


Seeker’s Class – Room I10

Contact: John Foley

Open to everyone.


Disciples - Room D 

Contact Carrie Genevachild

Open to everyone


Studies During the Week

Covenant Women’s Group – Room C

10 am Thursdays

Open to all women

Contact: Mary Jo Yoder

Gather together for a time of fellowship and to undertake study of a book of the Bible.


Wild Bunch Men’s Group – Room K

6:30 am Wednesdays

Open to all men

Contact: Hank Humiston

Men gather together for coffee and discussion about a different theme of the Bible or issues facing the church.  They also undertake several mission programs throughout the year.


Youth Group – Room D

Sunday, 5-7 pm

Open to Youth 6th grade and above

ContactLee Anna Bonnel or Jordyn Halford

Begin by sharing a meal and exploring their faith and how they live it out.


Men's Group Lunch

Thursday's, 11:30AM - Wecks, Alameda Shopping Center

Open to all men


Young Adult Group 

Thursday's, 7PM, Flying Star on Corrales Road and Alameda

Open to all

ContactLee Anna Bonnel or Pastor Josh







We strongly encourage daily Bible readings.  Recommended daily scripture readings are given out each Sunday and can also be found on our website, on Facebook and Twitter (@mesaviewumc). 



Quilting and Crafting Group – Room D

     Open to everyone

     Contact:  Beth Rose

     2nd Saturday, 10 am


Prayer Shawl Ministry – Room D

     Open to everyone

     Contact: Karen Sargent

     7 pm 3rd Tuesdays

     1 pm 3rd Thursday


Prayer Breakfast - Room C

     Open to everyone

     Contact: Deb Humiston

     4th Saturday, 8:30 am

Our prayer teams usually gather each month to learn about prayer and to pray for the church and for each other.  We discuss different styles of prayer and ways to pray.


Young Adult's Group  - Thursday, January 19 at 7 pm. Thursday is a new meeting night and we'll start meeting this semester at Flying Star on Corrales Road and Alameda. For more information contact Pastor Josh or Lee Anna Bonnel


Looking for a way to get plugged in? Take Mesa View’s Group Connections Survey. We want to help everyone find a place where they feel at home. Whether it’s a small group, Sunday School class, Bible study, or service group, we believe everyone has a place. Take the survey today at 

Music Opportunities


Choir – Traditional Service

     Practice 7:30 pm Thursday

     Contact: Susan Collins


Praise Band – Contemporary Service

     Practice 6:30 pm on Friday

     Contact: Rick or Kristy Chapman

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